We offer a full range of professional massage therapy services to help eliminate your stress and the tension in your body.

Our fully trained, licensed, and experienced professional massage therapists at A1 Massage, located in Daytona Beach Shores, will have you feeling like a new person by the time your session is finished.

Some of the massage services we offer are:

Swedish Massage - A Swedish massage is the best-known (and most common) type of Western massage.  It is known as the foundation for many other Western massage styles such as sports massage, deep tissue massage, and aromatherapy massage.
A Swedish massage is used to stimulate circulation, relax muscle tension, restore flexability and range of motion, and also to relieve pain.  The Swedish massage uses long gliding strokes of medium pressure although some harder pressure is occasionally utilized.

Deep Tissue Massage - The deep tissue massage is best for chronic muscle problems and minor muscle injuries. During a deep tissue massage the massage therapist applies a much stronger pressure to reach the deeper muscle tissues.  The constant strong pressure is applied to the muscle which relieves tension once the muscle pushes back and relaxes.  If you sit at a desk all day (resulting in poor posture) or are active in sports, the deep tissue massage is right for you.

Shiatsu Massage - In Shiatsu therapy, pressure is applied to pressure points using thumbs, hands, elbows, knees and/or the feet. The Shiatsu massage focuses on rotating and stretching limbs, and joints.  This helps to stretch your muscles as well as your tendons.   Shiatsu is designed to reduce muscle tension and as well as fatigue.  Shiatsu is believed to improve blood circulation and improve the function of the lymphatic system.  According to the Shiatsu Society:

Today, Shiatsu has a number of different styles, philosophical approaches and theoretical bases and practitioners around the world are still evolving new approaches to treatment. Some concentrate on acupressure (acupuncture) points, while others emphasise more general work on the body or along the pathways of energy to influence the Ki that flows in them. 

The highly trained licensed massage therapists at A1 Massage will tailor your session using a single technique or mix a variety of styles according to your needs.